Car Window Tinting in Brisbane

Does your car need a cosmetic, safety upgrade? Car window tinting is a unique way to increase the visual appeal of your car while also creating a space that is better protected from the sun’s harmful effects.

Safety Benefits

We all enjoy the benefits the sun provides us. However, most of us know that skin cancer is a very real threat—and drivers don’t always have a lot of options to drive in the shade. At Mobile Tint Australia, our window tints can help prevent UV rays by 99 percent, and therefore, protect your skin.

Our car window tinting also reduces glare. At certain times of the day, the glare from the sun can severely obstruct your view, which doesn’t just prevent you and your passengers from admiring the beautiful landscape of Brisbane. With a window tint, you can drive on the brightest days with little to no glare.

And did we mention that window tinting can also reduce heat up to 70 percent? By blocking out more of the sun, your car will be ready to go when you are. So you can say goodbye to burning-hot steering wheels and car interiors so warm you can hardly breathe.

Cosmetic Appeal

Many drivers love the look of dark or metallic windows. But you don’t have to go buy a new car to get this look. Car window tinting is an easy, inexpensive way to get those dark, shiny or colourful windows. And at Mobile Tint Australia, we can custom fit our tints to your car—or even your machinery.

If you are in Brisbane and want to upgrade your car’s windows, contact us on 0408 716 766. We only use window tint products from established, leading brands in the industry as well as popular film ranges like 3M, Solargard and Suntech. And all our tints come with lifetime manufacturing warranties.

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