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It will surprise you how effective tinting in home or office can be.  It is an inexpensive way to tackle many different issues.

  • Glare - reduction for visual comfort
  • Heat – Rejection of heat to improve comfort
  • THE LOOK - extensive range to choose from to transform your home
  • Energy efficiency - reduce your heating and cooling bills
  • 99% Protection - Block UV rays by 99%
  • Privacy - film solutions from part to complete block out
  • Safety Security solutions – prevention from injury, intrusion or vandalism

Natural light might be beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you want it streaming into your building all the time. You might enjoy your home’s or business’s large windows, but the glare of natural light can make it difficult to use screens. You might also worry that passers-by can see straight into your building.

Sunlight streaming into your windows also means that the heat from the sun is streaming into your windows. In Australia’s blistering summers, any extra heat gain means higher energy bills to keep your home or business cool.

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Discover the Benefits of Window Tinting

When you apply tint to the windows of your home or business, you reap more benefits than just privacy. Here are some of the ways window tinting can benefit you:

  • UV protection. The window tinting we provide can block up to 99% of UV rays, which will keep your furniture from fading and will reduce the risk of sun damage to your skin.
  • Style. There are many styles of window tint to choose from, whether you like a simple grey shade or a mirror-like sheen.
  • Security. Window tint can keep your property secure because the tint prevents windows from shattering. Instead, all the shards will stick to the tint and make the window difficult to break.
  • Reduced glare. With less harsh sunlight streaming in, you don’t need to worry about squinting or straining to see.
  • Privacy. Reflective window tints can also keep prying eyes out of your building.
  • Energy efficiency. Reflective window tints can allow light to brighten your rooms without letting in heat, which keeps your cooling bills low.

Whether you’re looking for just one of these benefits or you’re interested in all of them, you can rely on Mobile Tint Australia. We can help you choose the perfect style of tint for your building, and we’ll provide expert installation services as well.

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